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About Company

DEPROIL LTD is a research & service geophysical company, which has successfully collaborated with International and Ukrainian oil companies since 1991. The team of high-quality geophysicists and geologists helps oil companies with low risk 18% and low cost:
- to find the robust location of hydrocarbon (HC) saturated reservoirs;
- to create 3D models of HC reserves concentration;
- to evaluate the range of НС resources and reserves within prospects;
- to substantiate the placing of recommended wells with the minimum risks of drilling "dry" holes;
- to predict the range of recoverable reserves;
- to predict initial flow rates for recommended wells with 64-91% probability of successes.  

Over the last 20 years of production experience, we have completed 89 industry projects for 20 state and private oil companies. The total area of investigated territories exceeds 700 thousand km² of land, which is larger than the area of Ukraine. Independent verification of created 3D models by the results of 164 well tests in 80 newly drilled wells has shown that consideration of 3D models of gas- and oil-saturation while placing new wells leads to increasing the success rate in predicting gas & oil bearing reservoirs at least to 82%. Created 3D models helped in discovering four new gas and oil fields in Ukraine - Chkaliv oil-gas-condensate field, Academic Shpak oil field, Skydanivka gas-condensate field, and Zhemchuzhne gas field. Also, the company provides surveillance and monitoring of underground gas storage assets and high resolution and accuracy gravimetric and magnetometric surveys. 

Our geological results and newly discovered gas & oil fields were based on more than three decades of dedicated research in a mathematical theory of solving non-correct inverse geophysical problems and the development of the "Technology of joint inversion of gravity, magnetic, seismic, well logging and petrophysical data for gas & oil fields prospecting and exploration". The core of the technology is a proprietary GCIS software (Geophysical Complex Interpretation System) aimed at the horizon-oriented mapping of multi-layer gas and oil reservoirs in a real geological environment. GCIS software implements 3D inversion of gravimetric data and creating an unambiguous reliable and geologically meaningful 3D density models with a high planar and vertical resolution of 100 m and 1 m correspondingly. Considering the relationship between rock density and other petrophysical parameters, we create the same resolution 3D petrophysical models of porosity, hydrocarbon saturation, gas compression, pressure, temperature, bulk density of hydrocarbon resources per unit. Comparison of well log data from 9 new wells reaching >5000 m depth with 3D density model at two studied areas showed that correlation between actual and calculated data is in the range of 59-91%.  

Prediction of the most promising areas within oil and gas basins for licensing and exploration activities

Prospects identification and their priority ranking within the license area

Estimation of porosity, saturation and in-place hydrocarbon volumes

Reservoir characterization and connectivity assessment within the area of interest (including saturation) with subsequent optimization of appraisal and development  drilling strategies

Mapping of  production-induced changes within the oil and gas reservoirs:  pressure drop, gas saturation change, gas-water contact rise, identification of the unswept zones


Craters brimming with hydrocarbons?
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